About Us

I’m Teresa Fennell, an experienced management accountant and founder of It Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth.

Helping small businesses and charities take a sustainable-minded approach to making sound financial decisions and achieve their sustainability goals is my passion.

With many years of financial management and project experience in the corporate and charity sectors under my belt, including a head of finance role for Help the Aged, I set up It Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth in 2018.

Sustainability has always been part of my life from an early age and has never been merely a box to tick.

Budgeting was important for my family, who lived on a modest income. My mother would always ‘make do and mend’, and we were used to having to save towards big household investments such as double glazing. Since my university days in the 1990s, I have had a strong personal interest in ethics and protecting the environment.  

Travel also had a big impact on me and while trekking across the Atlas Mountains in Morocco in 2005, the belief that ‘less is more’ and that life is about appreciating what you do have rather than wanting more truly struck home. 

My vision is to run a business that operates with the same principles as a benefit corporation with a niche target market that includes ethical and sustainable enterprises.

Since launching It Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth, I’ve developed financial management information, investigated and advised on financial processes and influenced finance and non-finance staff approaches to effective financial management for my clients.

I’m proud that my business is structured around my personal values and ideals combined with my professional knowledge and expertise.

Constantly striving to ‘walk the walk of the talk’, I measure my actions and performance against targets that connect and interlink with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. For more information about how It Doesn’t Have to Cost the Earth can help your small business, charity or not for profit organisation achieve your financial and sustainability objectives, call me on 07986 170945 or email hello@itdoesnthavetocosttheearth.co.uk